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Last week we threw a little party to kick off the launch of my wallpaper line with and I truly felt like the belle of the ball. I have so many plates spinning at the moment that it felt really nice to pause, gather some friends and fellow female entrepreneurs and celebrate a project that has been on my bucket list for a long time now. 

With my background in surface design and pattern creation and my work in interiors, wallpaper felt like a must do product for me. This collection came more in a Field of Dreams kind of way (you know… if you build it they will come) in that instead of me teaming up with a company to create a line or producing a line on my own, I started creating my own designs one by one. The first one was for my son’s nursery, the second was the which I had installed in the Light Lab bathroom (which is also the venue of the party, making this quite full circle) and then the I created for my own studio, followed by the which I designed for a show house during Modernism Week.

After meeting Sara Sugarman (pictured below) of when we were speaking on the same panel at we got to talking about collaborating and L&G producing my wallpaper designs was a natural fit! We then rounded out the collection with a new green version of the marble.

The Lulu & Georgia team knocked the party out of the park (why am I still using baseball analogies?) with a stunning tablescape using , Florals by , our as a table runner, and the food by was incredible.

Shop the collection along with all the furniture shown above at

Location:  / Wallpaper:  / Decor:  / Florals:  / Dishware:  / Food:  / Photography: 


  • All of this is gorgeous! Such a random question – there’s a lady with green shoulder skimmer earring and i love them! I believe she has a white top on. Would she be able to share where from? Thanks (i feel sheepish writing this, but they are so pretty)

    • Caitlin Lee

      That’s Kelly from Studio DIY! (I think that’s who you are talking about!) I bet you can message her and ask!

  • Wow, all the women in these pictures are so gorgeous!

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