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It’s this week in Palm Springs and the entire city is a flutter with design events, architectural tours, lectures, and parties. I was so thrilled to be a part of it this year by designing one of the rooms for the , which has been coined the “#1 must see Event of Modernism Week” by the Hollywood Reporter. I introduced you to the project a few weeks ago (here) but if you missed it, each year Christopher re-images a Palm Springs property by bringing together about 20 of the country’s prominent design talents and assigning each one with their own room. This year the house was the HUGE (I’m talking 6,500 square foot) home of and I got to design the East Guest Bedroom.

It was a slightly harrowing feat, installing our room and coordinating deliveries etc among 19 other designers doing the same but it all came together just in the nick of time. If you followed my instastory, you know I was re-upholstering a bench 2 hours before the cocktail party preview and the giant mirror was delivered during the preview party. Rupe and I, + a CK handyman, installed it mid-event while dressed in our cocktail attire. NBD.

But now I am thrilled to show you the space!

It is impossible for me to nail down my favorite thing in the room but those are high on the list, as well as the bench I reupholstered. I used a woven t as the fabric, that geometric mustard yellow print was made for this room.

The wallpaper, of my own design, is also right up there. It’s a new gemstone-like print (reminiscent of the pink marble I created for Light Lab) that I am calling Agate. went above and beyond to print and ship a custom run of the paper in time and it went up without a hitch (you may remember I used them for my office paper as well). ‘ wallpaper is a thick canvas that comes with an adhesive back so there is no pasting required, you just peel and stick. There are a ton of peel and stick wallpapers out there but they are usually a flimsy vinyl material that stretches and is very hard to install (belive me I know, that’s the kind I used in Archer’s nursery and it was a huge pain to install and the pattern didn’t line up in some places because of the stretching, which the OCD in me just can’t get over). Limitless uses a high quality canvas (think thick like an artist canvas) that you can remove and re-install over and over again without damaging walls or the paper.

This was a custom run of my art but for those of you wanting to purchase the wallpaper, you’ll have to wait a little bit, the mass production is underway and it will be available soon!

Vintage Nightstands I sourced from //   //  // //  // // // // Coffee Table by Shescorts Sherman Samuel (yes! the beginnings of my own furniture collection) // // // n // //  //  //  //

bedroom-6-640I dream of a bedroom big enough for a bed and a sitting area. I would never leave! Even though this room is a bit over the top and more feminine than I usually design, I still wanted to make it liveable. I played with scale by bringing in a lot of oversized pieces (like the giant bedside lamps, jumbo art prints, chunky coffee table, huge mirror and large club chair) to anchor all the pattern mixing and give the eye a place to rest. Bringing in the natural wood tones also help to tone down the color preventing the all pink room from looking to juvenile or saccharine.

And how about those stunning quartz sconces! Also by Ferguson and .

Artwork by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // // //  // //

I tapped a few of my favorite furniture sources to bring pieces into the room like r, , and multiple pieces from , , , , , and . I also commissioned the original “his and her” line drawing artwork by Carly Kuhn (aka ) which I had framed by .

The show house is still open until Sunday (the 26th) so now is your chance to get a ticket and see all 6,500 square feet of it. You can get tickets for a and if you are in the area on Saturday don’t miss the “” party hosted by the home owners Kelly & Fredbaby. It will be an incredible night!

Wallpaper by Shescorts Sherman Samuel, Custom Printing by //  // Framed by // // Coffee Table by Shescorts Sherman Samuel (yes! the beginnings of my own furniture collection) // // // n // //  //  // // Chair from Consort //  // // // //  //  //

Photos by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

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