Kitchen Update and Kitchen #2 Design!

This post was done in collaboration with Cafe Appliances

YOU GUYS!!! THIS IS IN MY KITCHEN RIGHT NOW! And I feel so grown up, well almost. There is still a lot of finishing work to be done in the space. Outside of this stunning view is still a bit of a disaster, but I couldn’t help but share an update.

Our kitchen renovation in LA was done on a shoe string budget. We did all the work ourselves, outside of the marble countertops (which was our splurge) and just re-used the previous owner’s appliances. They were generically fine, but they were not “me”. But…in this house I am getting my dream (this with the Brushed Bronze hardware SWOOOOON and the and the ), and really making this my kitchen utopia. I will have my first kitchen island, my first pantry, my first larger than a 30” range. It is all happening. I will do a whole post on how we divvied up the work between our GC and us for this renovation but we saved in this kitchen by doing boxes and my cabinet doors, which we also installed ourselves. This kitchen, along with most all of my projects, is a true mix of high and low and somewhere in between.

Here is a peek at the other side of the room. If you have been following me on my IG Stories, you will have seen all the steps we’ve taken so far to get the kitchen to this point. Five months in the making, but it is starting to look like a real kitchen. Above is where we were just a couple days before the move, the new windows made an incredible difference in opening everything up, and the old small dark kitchen isn’t even recognizable.

And while things are wrapping up in the main kitchen why don’t we just jump right into the design of kitchen number 2! That is right, our #SamuelFamilyFixer has two whole kitchens and I am not mad about it. Two kitchens might sound ridiculous and extravagant but things are bigger in the midwest. ha The house we bought already had two full kitchens. One is on the main floor (where our living room, dining room and bedrooms are) and the other is in the lower level along with another living area, two bedrooms and bathroom. This floor will partly be my home office while the kids are so little, as well as a dedicated place for guests. (Our first time having an actual guest bedroom! Who is coming over?!). So while we do not need a second kitchen, we inherited one and now I am counting all the reasons why I am pumped to have two kitchens.

Let’s be honest, two kitchens is a designers dream! Double the finishes, double the fixtures, double the appliances! All those extra design decisions have me giddy. Twice the chance to put your own style into a kitchen and maybe explore another side of your personality.

Work/Life separation. Once I get my local Michigan design team up and running, employees will be able to enter the office from the lower level without having to go through the rest of the house and we will be all set with our own Shescorts Sherman Samuel Inc. office complete with its own kitchen.

Entertaining! Having two kitchens is also an entertainers dream. Extra oven space for big dinners (Thanksgiving at my house this year!), and even for smaller parties, I could mess up the lower level kitchen and use that area for prep behind the scenes while keeping the main kitchen clean where the guest are.

So let’s take a look at what I have planned for kitchen #2

When it came to the main kitchen there was no doubt I wanted it bright and light and you already know how thrilled I was to come across and their Matte White finish and their customizable hardware. They are appliances that stand out as a stylish design feature instead of just a utilitarian necessity. So when it came to designing the downstairs kitchen it was a no brainer to bring in Cafe again, however instead of the Matte White I got the Matte Black and they ended up being a big piece of inspiration for the whole {second} kitchen.

In interiors in general I always like the mix of old and new and layering in different textures to create a space that even if it is brand new, feels like there is a story behind it. The Matte finishes on the Cafe Appliances take it from going too modern and sleek and in my opinion give them some soul that when paired with the metallic hardware, it is like they already have my signature style built-in. When thinking about a backsplash, I am looking to use tile to bring in something with a vintage look to balance out the new cabinets, hardware and countertops. The artwork above, by Sharon Etgar, the Zellige Tile and the Cafe Appliances together perfectly convey the overall vibe of what I am shooting for in kitchen #2. Which I am hoping will be like the artful little sister of kitchen #1.

And here is what started with…

Above is a before photo of the kitchen. So far we have demo’ed everything out and installed some over that lovely yellowed floor. A few things I wasn’t loving were how the fridge and range sat right next to each other, crammed in the corner and the off center island is also making me twitch a titch. So far, we have demoed out all the cabinets… my dad re-used them in his wood shop, and we gave the appliances to my aunt who is updating her old kitchen.  Poof, we have a blank slate. We are planning to move the range location to dead center on the back wall so it creates a central focal point and I’ll be doing my favorite trick of maximizing the visual and countertop space by installing the and forgoing a full sized fridge (it is the second kitchen after all).

So what do you think? Two kitchens, too crazy? or genius? I am team whatever makes you happy, kitchens are personal! And your kitchen or kitchens should be a reflection of you. That is why I was so happy to partner with Cafe Appliances as that is what they are all about.

This post was done in collaboration with Cafe Appliances. All thoughts, ideas and swoons are my own.

For more on our #samuelfamilyfixer check here.

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Bri’s low-lift kitchen reno

I am often asked for advice on how to update kitchens on a budget or without too much work and with this kitchen we pulled out all the tricks. It is the kitchen of , we gave her kitchen a major upgrade with almost no heavy lifting and I’m here to tell you all the secrets.

First thing first, we got pretty lucky… when Bri and I met to chat about what she wanted to do in her kitchen, the first thing I checked was who made her existing cabinets and we both celebrated when we found out it was already an Ikea kitchen. The reason for the big celebration was because that meant we could use the doors and drawer fronts that I designed without having to change out any of her cabinet boxes (which also meant we didn’t have to touch the beautiful marble countertops either).  All we had to do was swap out the Ikea doors and drawer fronts for the ones for a different look. It really is the ultimate Ikea hack.

When Bri bought the house it had just undergone a complete renovation. The finishes were well chosen for a flip so while they might not have had a ton of personality, the kitchen wasn’t offensive in anyway. There was already the great marble countertops (remember how when I did her dining room we added an overhang behind the range so we could add a seating area with stools?) but when paired with white semi-gloss flat cabinets, white shiny subway tile, and brushed nickel/stainless hardware, overall the space was pretty cookie cutter. It didn’t reflect the personality or style that Bri is known for.

Another simple way of updating a kitchen that we’ve all heard 100 times, but if you haven’t tried you will be surprised as to just how much it works, is switching out the cabinet hardware. The silver ones she had were nice and modern but by using a more unique shape and color, the whole space fees more bespoke. We used the hardware I designed for in the , and .

Next was where things did get a little construction dirty but for a full kitchen update it was pretty minimal and only took a couple days (like 3!). We had her backsplash demolished and re-tiled with this stunning . It is a cement tile with a brass inlay and after mulling over the backsplash tile for months, we saw this one and knew it was it. I then created a more unexpected pattern using them vertically on one half and horizontally on the other half, having the pattern meet in the middle on the diagonal.

And finally, in order to utilize some vertical wasted space, we added a above a bank of cabinets to give her some extra surface area for storage and utility items.

If all that is still too much for your budget or time commitment and you are desperate for a change in the kitchen… lay down a new rug, and pick some fresh flowers for an instant kitchen pick me up.

Shop the look:
Cabinet Doors by On Ikea Cabinets // Hardware by // Tile by //  //  //
Pink vase by //

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Here’s a look at a couple side by side before and afters.

This is facing the opposite direction but you get the idea…

And let’s not forget about what we did in the dining room right next door…


Read all about the dining room here. 

And her back yard patio, here.

A new LA Event Space, Festoon!

EXCITED does not cut it with this one and that is because my excitement is three fold. Wait maybe four fold, or five… I lost count. Let’s see, Number 1: My friends that are the talented trio behind everyone’s favorite wedding site, just opened their very own studio/event space… ! It is on the west side of LA, which us west side gals were always desperate for (so much schlepping to the east side for parties). Number 2: I designed the kitchen and front bar/flexi-space with a multitude of different types of events in mind and I kind of want to call it my other LA house (I’m not alone MyDomaine wants to live there too). Number 3: I got to use the cabinet door line I designed with Semi-Handmade for the kitchen cabinets (with Ikea boxes) and my hardware collection that I designed for Park Studio!  Number 4: It is the debut install of my own line of concrete tile that I designed for ! Number 5: Creative spaces are so rewarding to design, seeing all the different types of parties, workshops, pop-up shops that have already come through the space and how they use it is incredibly fun to witness and be a small part of () See yes, definitely at least five fold. Now onto the space and all the yummy details…

Oh hi Amanda, Kristina and Jillian, aka and boss ladies. That lounge area they put together is all kinds of stunning and totally my color palette du jour.

Sofa:  | Lounge chairs:  | Bench:  | Floor lamp:  | Rug:  | Planters: West Elm | Plants:  | Florals:  | Side table: | Coffee table:  | Lounge chandelier:  | Woven pendants:  | Rattan side table:  | Rattan chairs:  | Macrame wall hanging:  | Framed art:  for West Elm

There was previously no kitchen in the space, so we had to build out a new one. Like I said above, I used my line of Semihandmade doors for Ikea cabinets in the the kitchen and my SSS x Park Studio hardware (we have added appliance pulls and additional sizes  which we got to use on the refrigerator above). Both are modern versions of classic designs that match the 100 layer cake/festoon aesthetic perfectly. And like I mentioned… Festoon is the very first place I was able to install my new line of that I designed for . It’s a series of 5 designs that you can use all together, as shown above, or create patterns with the various designs. The countless different pattern possibilities alone have me SO excited to start using the tile every where I can. The color is a subtle lilac that borders on a warm gray but with just a touch of purple that reminds me of the color of the mountains around the desert in Palm Springs. The tiles are made to order so the color is completely customizable as well (more on the tile line soon!).

Now onto the front of the house… When you first walk into Festoon you are greeted with a wide open space. It is a studio, it is an event space, it’s an office, it can be whatever the heck you can think of… it is available to rent. Most importantly, the space had to be flexible to house all those different kinds of functions. By building out cabinets and running a countertop along the whole back we created a versatile backdrop that could become a buffet, the back side of a bar, a wall for display or paired with the island look like a kitchen. A subtle custom blush venetian plaster was applied to the walls and three pairs of brass sconces extend over the countertop. I also designed the large island to be moveable (it’s on large caster wheels) so they can take it out of the main area to make room for larger events or reposition it around the space for different uses. A bar, a work table, a dessert buffet, a check-out counter, you name it. The front side of the island houses more cabinets so when facing out it can also serve as a large credenza/versatile furniture piece. I had make a custom size tile and mixed a few different finishes along with different colors to create the pattern on the back side.

There she is! Hope you enjoyed the tour and if you’re in the area definitely book an event at  (and please invite me so I have the excuse to come back).

Photos by

Lounge and dining design: 100 Layer Cake | Kitchen and Bar design: Shescorts Sherman Samuel

Kitchen cabinets: IKEA with   doors and   hardware | Tiles:   | Sconces:  | Bar Stools:  | Sofa:  | Lounge chairs:  | Bench:  | Floor lamp:  | Rug:  | Planters: West Elm | Plants:  | Florals:  | Side table: | Coffee table:  | Lounge chandelier:  | Woven pendants:  | Rattan side table:  | Rattan chairs:  | Macrame wall hanging:  | Framed art:  for West Elm  | Dining tables and chairs:  | Dining room prints:, framed by 

A-frame 2.0 Master Bedroom

We’re back today with the last room update of the A-frame 2.0 and how I re-designed it for the new owners! The master bedroom has to be my favorite, so much so that I like it even better now over how I furnished it for ourselves. It might have something to do with dreamy bed, or the rug (ok it definitely does), but for sure it is the earthy but rich color palette.

We chose Portola’s for the walls, which is the perfect subtle blush with some depth, and paired it with the . Apparently I really like a statement bed. This stunner, and the one I had in the room previously, pretty much make the room. Sweet dreams to , I hope you enjoy your new pad!

If you want to read all about our journey with the A-frame…

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and if that isn’t enough… I know has been working on finishing a couple of the spaces that we didn’t get to before we sold it. They are giving what we used as an old storage shed a big overhaul and they also fulfilled our pool dreams that we had for the space so stay tuned!

Paint: / Bed: / Pendants: / Side Tables: / Sculpture: / Vases: and / Bedding: / Rug: /: Custom Collaboration by Printed and Framed by

A-frame 2.0 Laundry

Continuing on with the tour of the “A-frame 2.0” (aka how we re-styled it for the new owners, and )… we have the laundry room with a quick update. New wallpaper, new rug, and a couple new accessories give this little space that packs a punch, a whole new feel.

It sure has come along way… take a peek back at my finished reveal to see the real “before my before” photos. ew!

Wallpaper: / Rug: / Face Vase: / Ladder:  /  and  by Electrolux / Cabinets from Ikea 


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