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in my bag – utah

I bucked my fairly neutral usual packing strategy and filled my bag with a palette inspired by the high desert landscape of our destination… Utah! You may remember one of my favorite trips from a couple years back when we did THIS ROADTRIP but this time we are headed straight to Utah and staying there. Here’s what is coming with me.

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in my bag: northern california

We are planning a trip up to northern California next month to spend some time in Sonoma and then visit friends in Booneville and I am really looking forward to taking a step back and enjoying some time outdoors. I plan on never taking that “i’m busy” hat off so Rupert and Archie will get the hint. Mama needs a b/r/e/a/k. ;) While I do have a lot on my plate between now and then but you better believe I already started ordering a few things so they will arrive in time to make it in my suitcase.

// from Asos // D’ORSAY FLATS //  from Zara  //  from Madewell // from James Jeans // BY LOEFFLER RANDALL // from Topshop //  from A Very Fine South // BY Illesteva

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in my bag: mexico

Speaking of travelling, I am packing my bags for Mexico this week! We are heading south of the border to a friends wedding and here is what is coming with me.

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in my bag: palm springs

It’s probably no surprise that Palm Springs is our favorite destination for a quick weekend getaway and we are heading there soon for our first mini vaca as a new family of 3! EEK. My bag is packed and here is hoping little A likes the desert as much as we do.

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in my hospital bag

Any day now it will be time to have a baby and our bags are officially packed. I am not sure which items I will actually end up using and which I won’t, but I’d rather err on being over prepared than under. I pulled from baby apps, what my doula told me to bring, and anything I thought would come in handy and made my own list of what I’ll be bringing with me to the hospital for our birth trip.

For personal care/toiletries to tuck into my bag, I turned to . They sent me over a sampling of their all natural goods and I was so impressed with the quality, so when they invited me to share what I’d be taking to the hospital, I thought you guys might want a peek as well.  I first found out about The Honest Company through and their adorable , but they also just launched an entire which has high quality items dedicated to the nursing mother, as well as formula fed babes, so I have a feeling I will be looking to them for just about all things in natural baby care.

In my hospital bag:
(Items in gallery above)

 (somewhere to record thoughts and moments you don’t want to forget)

 (for the shower)

Additional Items (not shown)
Massage Oil & Essential Oils of choice
Clothes to wear home
Hairbrush & Hair Bands
Yoga Ball
Honey Sticks (to keep up the energy)
Bottled Drinks & Snacks for you and your partner
Receiving Blanket
Emery Board or Baby Nail Clippers
Car Seat in Car
Phone & Charger (loaded with a playlist)
Copies of birth plan
Cord Blood Kit
Insurance Card & I.D.

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