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The Mine Mandy Picks

More furniture for the Mandy Moore residence is trickling in and I wanted to highlight one of the websites that supplied some of the really great pieces. Above are a combination of items that made their way into Mandy’s home as well as a few more of my favorites from the site called The Mine. From toilets to dining tables (both of which are in the house now and I can’t wait to share where that stunning table goes) The Mine truly is a one stop shop for quality home goods.

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shop picks: candelabra

Whenever I am looking for an extra special or unique piece, is one of my favorite sites to scope out. Of course you can have style and a beautiful space on a budget but when I can, I always try and do a mix of high and low pieces. More often than not, the piece I splurge on is what makes the room and Candelabra is one of those places that I know I can go to find an investment piece that can set the style of an entire space and hasn’t already been seen in every other room on .

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shop picks: west elm + commune

Ah! you guys, two of those just landed in my studio and they are SO SO good. Talk about a. Commune, whose work I was first intro’d to through the , has always been such a great design inspiration and , who of course I can’t fill spaces with their goodness fast enough, teamed up and created a gorgeous line. I have rounded up my favorites here and you may also have noticed how we worked a bunch of the pieces into Light Lab as well.

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shop picks: lulu & georgia

I recently collected a few amazing pieces for the a-frame from and while I was on the site I just kept finding more and more and then more unique home pieces that I wanted to make mine. It was the best kind of rabbit hole to fall into. I’d previously known them mostly for their rugs so I was pleasantly surprised when I found all sorts of home decor goodies and I’ve rounded up some of my faves, including a few of those that I had to make my own.

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shop picks: Totokaelo

Curating my picks from a shop that is already so selective with their pieces feels a little like cheating, but I couldn’t help but share with you on the off chance you haven’t discovered the site on your own.  is a self proclaimed purveyor of beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated fashion and objects and they represent unique artists and designers that make every piece feel like one of a kind. The price point isn’t low here by any means, but even if most of it is out of your budget just browsing the shop is such a great source of inspiration by seeing the unusual forms and silhouettes that you just don’t find everywhere. It’s like visiting an art gallery that has only utilitarian pieces.

I am kind of dying over ! and , and …

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