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We are still waiting hard on the sweater weather to come to LA and while we are in our eternal summer bubble, I am taking full advantage. Technically, you could put a over the top and add a to make it a titch more fall-ish, but last week I had a wedding to attend in the Mexico heat and this is what I wore.

In other news… I have had my favorite photographer, blogger, writer, traveler duo extraordinaire known as and camping out in my driveway! Yes, driveway, ha. They recently bought an RV and have been for weeks at a time with their two dogs and bunny (those crazy cats head off to Fiji next week!). Anyway, I was more than happy to host them for a while as it meant the most made by Shescorts and I managed to finagle my way to get  to take these photos. He’s a damn genius.

And in other, other news… do  you guys still watch Project Runway? I hardly have a chance to watch TV these days but it is my one show right now. I hunker down after Archie is asleep with a pint of and get my reality TV fix.  on the first episode had a crop top that was out of the same fabric as this one, so naturally I was excited to already have it in my closet. That is a good one. #fangirl

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