weekend scenes: family picnic

Pre-Archer, Rupe and I used to go for a hike almost every weekend. I hadn’t realized until recently that we haven’t been to any of our favorite trails since he arrived, which now is 14 months ago! This weekend we decided to fix that, quick sharp. We packed up a picnic and hit the trails in Temescal Canyon to get our long overdue dose of nature and it was glorious. Archie loved it too.

Sources: Picnic Basket by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // // // // //  (yes they’re girls, don’t tell Arch) //

  • Hi Shescorts! Love that Archer’s leggings are from the girls section! I frequently dress my daughter in boys clothes. Good to know other Mums do the same ;) We are counting the days until our English weather heats/drys up enough for a weekend walk in nature. Hands down the best way to spend a weekend! Emily x
    P.S. Your photography is gorgeous, as always

  • hi sarah,
    just wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got your picnic blanket. i’m looking for an indigo throw for my bedroom and this blanket looks like it might fit the bill.

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  • You should totally sell that blanket in the shop! Gorgeous!

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