weekend scenes: mama staycation

popRupert held down the fort at home while I snuck away this weekend with a gal pal to Palm Springs for massages and spa time at and a night at in Koreatown. It was the first time I have been away from Archer for longer than just a few hours but I have to say the TEN hours of uninterrupted sleep made it pretty easy on me. The entire weekend was such a treat, while I filled my depleted energy levels and caught up with an old friend. The house was still standing when I got home too, so kudos to Rupe. Must do this more often.

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  • i had an overnighter away from kiddos and man in palm springs, after i completing my “finishing my degree” phase. was massaged too. yeah boy, it was nice!!! and i was way hipper in p. springs than i am at home. sorry, but true.

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