A-frame 2.0 Master Bedroom

We’re back today with the last room update of the A-frame 2.0 and how I re-designed it for the new owners! The master bedroom has to be my favorite, so much so that I like it even better now over how I furnished it for ourselves. It might have something to do with dreamy bed, or the rug (ok it definitely does), but for sure it is the earthy but rich color palette.

We chose Portola’s for the walls, which is the perfect subtle blush with some depth, and paired it with the . Apparently I really like a statement bed. This stunner, and the one I had in the room previously, pretty much make the room. Sweet dreams to , I hope you enjoy your new pad!

If you want to read all about our journey with the A-frame…

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and if that isn’t enough… I know has been working on finishing a couple of the spaces that we didn’t get to before we sold it. They are giving what we used as an old storage shed a big overhaul and they also fulfilled our pool dreams that we had for the space so stay tuned!

Paint: / Bed: / Pendants: / Side Tables: / Sculpture: / Vases: and / Bedding: / Rug: /: Custom Collaboration by Printed and Framed by

  • Jennette

    Do you love the Lime Wash? We just ordered samples last week and want to use in our remodel, but I’m a little scared!

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